Meet with Fr. Dan

Saturday: 05:00pm (SJE)

Sunday: 8am/10:30am (QR) | 9:15am (SJE)

Daily: M/W/F 8:15am (SJE) | Tu/Th/Sa 8:15am (QR)


The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body that, under the leadership of the pastor, engages parishioners in prayerful reflection about the parish’s mission and ministry . The main objectives of the PPC are supporting existing ministry and understanding the needs, hopes and ideas of the parish and faith community.

“Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds.” —Proverbs 27:23


  • Fr. Dan Folwaczny, Pastor

  • Glen Villano, Chairperson and Interim Liaison to PFC

  • Gerald Wonak, Spirital Life Commission Chairperson

  • Peter Meister, Parish Life Commission Chairperson

  • Linda Szymanski, Human Concerns Commission Chairperson

  • Paul VanLysebettens, Education Commission Chairperson

  • Ron Mattey, Education Commission Liaison

  • Rich Morgan, Member at Large

  • Tim Dompke, Member at Large

  • Mary Ellen Ottenstein, Staff: Parish Office Manager (non-voting)

Commissions & Ministries

Spiritual Life Commission; Gerald Wonak, Chairperson

  • The Liturgical Ministries

    • Coordinators of Lay Ministry

    • Extraordinary Ministers of Communion; Kerry Glennon, Scheduler

    • Lectors; George Milton, Trainer

    • Ushers

    • Altar Servers

  • Music Ministry

    • Songleaders/Cantors

    • Adult Choir; Paul VanLysebettens, Director

  • Art & Environment Ministry; Debra Duda, Coordinator

  • Eucharistic Adoration; Raymond Prost, Coordinator

  • Adult Education

  • Adult Faith Formation

    • Tuesday Morning Group; George & Annette Milton, Coordinators

    • Rosary Group; Nancy Furlong, Coordinator

    • Wednesday Morning Bible Study; Jackie Brey, Coordinator

    • Wednesday Evening Bible Study; Kathy Christian, Coordinator

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry; Theresa Storto, Coordinator

  • Teaching Parish Program

  • Wedding Coordinator; Margaret Przybylski, Coordinator

  • Baptismal Preparation; Fr. Brian Kean, Pastor/Coordinator

Human Concerns Commission; Linda Szymanski, Chairperson

Parish Life Commission; Peter Meister, Chairperson

Education Commission; Paul VanLysebettens, Chairperson

Next Meeting

To be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Questions? Fr. Dan and the PPC welcome feedback and make themselves available to address questions and concerns. Please reach out to Fr. Dan, or contact the Parish Office (847) 979-0901 or