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Prayer Shawl Ministry

 The Prayer Shawl Ministry provides a way to literally wrap someone in prayer.

“You created every part of me, knitting me in my Mother’s womb. For such handiwork, I praise you. Awesome this great wonder!” – Psalm 1 39:13-14


OLBS Prayer Shawl Ministry provides a way to literally wrap people in prayer. Prayer shawls are made by members of the parish and then given to those members of the church or community that are in need of our prayers.


Just as Jesus wraps us in His love and peace, we can provide a shawl to someone who needs to be held and wrapped in prayer. The Shawl provides this person with a visible symbol of Christ’s presence and care, along with our prayers.

time & talent

Knitters and crocheters, even beginner level, who derive joy from providing comfort, care and prayer to those in need from our St. Julian faith family and beyond.

Prayer & Worship

As prayer shawls* are made, the knitter is praying for the person who will be receiving the shawl and lifts them up in prayer. The shawl will be delivered to a person in need, such as someone struggling with an illness or someone grieving. A message of encouragement and words of comfort from Scripture can be shared with the person when it is delivered.

*Prayer shawls are knitted or crocheted, about 24 inches in width and about 6 feet in length. Just the right size to wrap around your shoulders.

Some Suggested uses for the shawl

  • Undergoing medical procedures

  • During an illness and recovery

  • As a comfort after a loss

  • During bereavement, prayer or meditation

  • Ministering to others

  • Just socializing…the possibilities are endless!

To make the shawl personal, the giver or recipient may want to adorn the shawl with beads, shells, feathers or charms. A blessing or ritual may be offered when the gift is presented.

Are you called? Join our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Call the Parish Office for more information today (847) 979-0901 or

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