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Gift Giving

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About Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish of Elk Grove Village, including Queen of the Rosary and St. Julian Eymard Churches and Queen of the Rosary School, is a vibrant and welcoming community of believers dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of its parishioners and the wider community. With a rich history and strong commitment to community outreach, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish is an essential part of the fabric of the village.

About Queen of the Rosary School

Queen of the Rosary School at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish offers a faith-based, academically superior education that recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. Surrounded by a warm and nurturing environment, children feel respected and cared for while being supported and challenged to grow in knowledge, service and relationship to Jesus Christ.

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of the GIFT (Giving Is a Faithful Treasure) Parish Endowment Fund!

The GIFT Parish Endowment Fund is a permanently restricted fund designed to grow over time and provide a defined amount annually to support Ministry, Outreach, Events and other Special Programs at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish.

How are GIFT funds accessed?

Funds are invested by the Archdiocese of Chicago through Northern Trust, following the United States Catholic Bishops’ guidelines on Catholic Socially Responsible Investing. Each year, Finance Council determines an allocation based on a percentage of the GIFT Fund’s income. The maximum annual allocation is determined to protect the GIFT Fund as an income source over time.

We invite all ministries and parishioners to participate in the annual application process. If you or your ministry has a project or program in need of funding, please submit your application for consideration (see application at right.) Applications are due each year by mid-October. Decisions will be announced in November, and after all applicants are notified, a general announcement will be made to the parish. Depending on the availability of funds each year, some projects may receive partial funding, while others may not be funded. However, we encourage all applicants to reapply in the future, as the GIFT Parish Endowment Fund seeks to support various initiatives over time. Fr. Dan and Parish Council will thoughtfully assess each application, ensuring that our resources are put to the best possible use.

How does the GIFT Fund grow?

The fastest way to grow the GIFT Fund is through donations. Our support of the GIFT Fund is an opportunity to make a lasting impact on our parish’s future. Together, we can continue building a stronger, more vibrant faith community, where love, compassion and support for one another flourish. Look for GIFT Parish Endowment envelopes in your offertory envelope mailing, or look for the GIFT Parish Endowment Fund in Online Giving: to make a donation. You may also make asset gifts by naming the GIFT Fund as a beneficiary or making a directed distribution from a retirement account. Let’s come together as faithful stewards and embrace the true spirit of giving!

History of GIFT

This wonderful initiative was first conceived in 1997 by Queen of the Rosary parishioner, George Manseau, and a dedicated team of committee members, including Judy Necek, Ray Keegan, Debbie Quinn, Liz Gajos and Peter Gennuso. They, along with Fr. Art Fagan and the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Development, worked diligently to develop the framework and oversight for the fund, which has been a source of blessings and perpetual income for our parish ever since. The name “GIFT,” which stands for Giving Is a Faithful Treasure, was thoughtfully suggested by Judy Necek, with the intention of reflecting our Catholic commitment to stewardship. Over the years, the GIFT Parish Endowment Fund has become a symbol of generosity and giving back to our community, making a profound impact on the lives of our fellow parishioners and the growth of our ministries.


To discover more or to discuss specific applications of GIFT or making asset donations, please contact our Operations Director, John Maher, at (847) 979-0901 X1012 or or feel free to schedule time with Fr. Dan here:

    GIFT Parish Endowment Fund Project Support Application

    Project Name

    Project Description. Clearly outline the purpose, goals and expected outcomes of the project. Explain how it aligns with the mission and values of our parish and how it addresses the needs of our community.

    Budget and Fund Allocation. Indicate the amount of funding you request from the GIFT Fund and how these funds will be used to execute the project effectively, as well as detailing anticipated expenses.

    Timeline. Present a timeline for the project, highlighting key milestones and anticipated completion dates. Ensure that the project duration is reasonable and achievable within the scope of the funding requested.

    Impact and Benefits. How will the project foster spiritual growth, strengthen fellowship and contribute to the well-being of our parishioners or the greater community?

    Qualifications. Describe any experience you or your ministry have in undertaking similar projects. Showcase your commitment to the parish and your ability to responsibly manage the project.

    Please attach any additional sheets or supporting documents needed to answer the above questions.