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May Flowers

You’re probably familiar with the idiom from the late 1800s, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Originally coined as a commentary of the typical British spring weather, it can also be applied to a period of personal trials in an individual’s life.  Strangely perhaps, I have always reflected on these words with a more positive outlook.  Instead of thinking about the dreariness of the weather or the struggles in life, I’ve equated this proverb with the importance of watering one’s own garden.  God told humanity to care for creation and that includes the toil of our betterment.

For example, although the formal Religious Education academic year has concluded, the fruits of our labor should not dry up.  Just as a parent, I encourage my own children to hone their reading, writing and math skills over the summer break, I also hope my kids continue to enrich their spiritual skills as well.  For many of us, it is easy to forget how important our faith development is to our overall well-roundedness and yet, faith, like any virtue, needs practice in order to mature.

Fortunately, there are many ways, even over the summer, to engage in faith-filled activities.  Don’t forget, these suggestions are not just for the kids, but for the entire family to experience together.

  •  Attend Mass as a family (signup for Sunday Liturgy here, or subscribe to the weekly OLBS newsletter to reserve your spot at mass each week!) and spend time after Mass sharing what each family member enjoyed or learned or noticed at Mass.

  • Say your prayers together during the day.  There are morning prayers, grace before and after meals, as well as simple ways to pray before bed.

  • Practice gratitude: take time each day to show your appreciation with words and actions.

  • Sign up for Summer Bible Camp or Catch-Up Session, especially if your child was unable to attend 1st, 7th or 8th grade RE this past school year.

  • Make and listen to a Christian Rock playlist in the car and around the house. Faith inspired music can lift our spirits and help us draw connections from the Gospels to our everyday lives.

  • Volunteer your time.  Whether it’s FMSC, the local food pantry, PADS dinners, book drivers, or helping a neighbor with yard work—giving back builds character.

  • Celebrate! Life is a gift and God has blessed us all in many ways, so take time to lift those gifts up and talk about how good God truly is to us!

Summer is a wonderful time to continue learning because the pressures of the regular school year subside and the longer daylight hours provide more time to do things outside and as a family.  May is a great time to explore service and faith opportunities for the summer since many locations still require families to preregister for events. So, “April showers bring May Flowers” and may May bring with it a keen desire to know and live your faith!